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Best Rising dampness treatment in hyderabad

If your building or house is very old, it is likely to suffer rising dampness. When dampness from the lower area of the household moves above to the upper walls, it is known as rising dampness. You may notice damp walls some 1-2 meters above the ground. You may now feel that since there is no water source to cause dampness then why the surface is damp. What’s the reason behind damp walls may be the question you have. The issue here is rising dampness which needs to be waterproofed. If you don’t adopt a formidable damp proof solution, the problem of rising dampness will aggravate. Proofing Experts can install waterproofing layer on the walls to protect it from the surface water. If you witness the problem of rising dampness, then just give us a call. Contact our professional who will do the needful. It may be that something is connected to the wall that is passing water. If water enters the walls, it causes dampness for water is allowed to make it to the walls. As building materials are prone to absorbing water, it will lead to more dampness. You may fix the entire problem of rising dampness with us. We will coat the surface of the walls with waterproofing membrane to prevent moisture damage or to restrict the issue of rising dampness. If you notice cracks on the walls and rising dampness, call our experts. Rising dampness may result from a number of factors like water leakage from the neighbour’s house, broken or cracked pipes. At Proofing Experts, we have a number of ways to treat the problem of rising dampness. Our professionals use water repellent chemicals, waterproof coating to perfectly seal the area and make it water-resistant. We may also pour a high grade chemical to the concrete solution to stop any transfer of water.

best waterproofing rasing dampness leakage services in hyderabad
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Waterproof coating: the most widely used solution for rising dampness

At Proofing Experts, we treat the problem of rising dampness at cost effective rates. This we do by applying waterproofing solution to the surface. Our experts have years of experience in applying waterproof coating and so they can do things quite efficiently. Our experts aim to protect your walls from water damage and bad weather conditions. We first remove plaster from the surface and then apply a waterproof coating. The cementitious waterproof coating repairs the cracks and unevenness. It fills gap on the walls and safeguards the area from water damage in future. We can explain you the entire process if you want. Give us a call and let our experts assist you.

best raising dampness water proofing solutions

Why to take waterproofing service?

If the building is made up of brick, it is more susceptible to absorbing water. As brick material is porous, water may get absorbed to cause significant damage. Besides this, if there is timber inside the brick, it can also decay in the process. The brick structure is also prone to staining due to mould growth. If you want to avoid such problems and want your property to look the best in the whole neighbourhood, call us now. Proofing Experts Pvt. Ltd. promises a home which looks new for years.